Our mission at Street Cats of New Eden

Living in the Rosemont area came with a not so sweet surprise: day after day we were finding free roaming cats everywhere we looked. Those kitties were either abandoned or born on the streets and they were in the most pitiful shape imaginable. Starving and injured, being skin and bones – they were barely surviving, waiting for agonizing death. We knew we had to help them and this is how everything started.

Most people do not know that 80% of feral and abandoned cats living in the urban areas die each winter from starvation, dehydration, hypothermia, and many diseases. Any animal lover will frown from ill feeling hearing this but: what can be done? The only way out of this epidemic is through trap, neuter, release and maintain (provide shelters for winter, food, fresh water and medical care if needed) programs.  Neither the municipality nor any animal rights groups were interested in helping. So, we started the mission ourselves: night after night, we go on trapping and sterilizing kitties. For most of them, it means a new beginning, being a part of a family. The most wild ones who are not happy living indoor with humans are released back on the streets where shelters and food are provided on a daily basis.

Street cats of New Eden is a non-profit organization, completely run from the profits of New Eden vegan catering company and from donations. More than 30 feral and abandoned cats in the colonies are daily taken care of. Fresh water, soft food and dry food are provided during the warm months, and water in cold-resistant bowls, dry food and shelters are provided during the cold period. Ongoing trapping, sterilization and medical care for those in need are offered even in the worst weather imaginable. Those kitties are rehabilitated and when ready, new forever homes are found. We take our work seriously – a legal contract is signed upon the cat’s arrival at his/her new home. Follow up is a must.

We believe that all lives matter equally. We are helping all in need, equally.