Daniela with Dr. Greger who is one of the most highly rated speakers in the world of nutrition and veganism.  New Eden provided catering services for the after party following his speech that he held in May 2012 in Montreal.






New Eden is a pioneering catering service located
in Montreal, established in 2011, that offers an array
of vegan meals, ranging from simple comfort foods
to innovative gourmet cuisine.


The founder of the company, Daniela, has made the conversion from a vegetarian to a vegan lifestyle over the past 12 years. She did this primarily for ethical reasons as her compassion for animals and the planet made her realize how important one’s daily choices are. It was this realisation that gave Daniela the courage to finally leave her corporate job and embark on an entirely different journey. Those who have tasted her cakes and pastries are never the same again!

More and more people are realizing the incredible benefits of a plant-based diet, however, it does remain a challenge to find vegan meals that are as delicious as they are healthy, and that are also ready to go. New Eden has stepped in to fill this niche, offering a full catering service that is being enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike.